Monday, February 25, 2008

2 Blues Things

Bullfrog Brown - Mother River Delta EP

Mother River Delta

I would think I've mentioned before that Andres as a client always has a very concrete idea about what he wants. Not that I wouldn't have to guess at certain points what exactly it is that he has in mind, for such things can often be difficult to explain in words. And often I get the feeling he is the designer - I'm just the one fluent with the program. On the other hand, let's be honest - experience counts, too. For example, this orange colour. It was my first choice. And when I had to explain it - turned out other colours simply wouldn't fit.

The photo - it's an old photo... Spring 2002. In front of the EPA club and taken with my old trusty Zenit E camera. When shooting bands, I've always been interested in capturing them "backstage" as well. Those were the times!

Print details: 2-colour offset, mini slim DVD case.

* * *

Black River Bluesman & Croaking Lizard - Rat Bone

Rat Bone

O how hard it is to design an album cover when the client can provide you with no decent photos... And yet kinda wants there to be photos. What then? You walk around for a few days in the throes of depression, trying all possible designs without photos, until Andres suddenly remembers he went to see a BRB rehearsal once, and had the camera with him :)

Therefore, "photos by Andres Roots".

Print details: full colour, digipack.