Thursday, June 19, 2008

experimenting with black paint

I have been experimenting with black recently. I have never needed black to paint, and I think most painters don't use it. But sometimes it is interesting to play with strange ideas. Anyway - here are few results:

Landscape With The Sun
20x30 cm
oil on canvas board, 2008

Landscape With Black Flowers
50x60 cm
oil on canvas, 2008
The current record owner - my fastest sold painting. I owned it for less than a month.

41x33cm, oil on canvas, 2008

Don't ask why or how, but this all happened while I was reading a book about Edvard Munch. There was this whole chapter about graphics. Something that I have longed to do for a while now. He never used black paint while painting though...

The Turtle
oil on canvas, 2008

The Redhead
oil on canvas, 2008