Wednesday, October 8, 2008

little pieces of cardboard

I like painting on canvas. It has just the perfect texture and all... One day there was no canvas left, and it was a sad day - because I HAD TO paint right away. So I had nothing else to do but to prepare my old long forgotten cardboard leftovers for painting... I had already forgotten how painful it is to paint on cardboard that is way too smooth on one side... And very brush-eating on the other... But then - at least I got a great lesson. And now I'm far more grateful for every piece of canvas I manage to get. I think I might even quit smoking for that.

But the pieces:

Yellow Nude On Red Blanket
28x28 cm

To my surprise - someone bought the nude already. Another lesson - about how one should always paint when they have the need. Because not everyone wants em on canvas anyway :P

Under The Moon
It is about the same size as previous.

I think these are the smallest oil paintings I have ever made.