Thursday, November 20, 2008

informational for people in Tartu

As you can see from the poster Bullfrog Brown will play in club Illegaard December 4th.

Design - I still like this minimalistic two color style.

I take poster art a bit more playful whenever I can - this is why not all the Bullfrogs posters are bluesy and some are more punk and whatever pops into my mind. In design work there usually is Someone who needs the piece before the designer will start creating it - that certainly sets some limits. Designer will have to compromise more or less in every case. But sometimes... it is good to have just fun too :).

Besides in Tartu most people know their music. They can be punk if they want to. Or was it something that depended in weather?

* The cover photo is also by me. I wouldn't dare to do anything like this with someone elses photo probably.