Saturday, February 7, 2009

copper wire and pearl neclace

This is my first try with copper wire, and the real reason for that would be - there was not much of a selection of silver plated wire I usually prefare to use in store... So I figured I will try this one instead. The problem of course will be when I decide I want to make matching earrings for this necklace... I don't think I have ever even seen this color earring hooks for sale around here... Ah - I'm just so tired of the fact that there simply isn't things I need in the stores... Like a seller told me - ain't it great - gives you a good reason to do things a little different than usual, and find a way around the lack of materials!


(It so reminds me of soviet times, when people did Everything out of Nothing all the time... It is possible.)

The white pearls came from Frogwill beads webstore.