Tuesday, July 7, 2009

another rainy day

I'm compensating something for sure.

People have asked me before - is it not hard to give/sell a painting (or drawing) for me? And the answer has always been - no. I guess the process is the most important thing I get out of what I do. The result - yes it also matters, but it is obvious I can't hang all my pictures on my walls - even if I wanted to.

Besides I often think of it as letting go of my old thoughts and past in order to grow.

When something leaves my house and I do feel empty... It is usually inspiring - and I normally don't feel the loss - I may start with the old topic again, and put it in a new light.

It is a journey.

Another Rainy Day
ink on paper 15x15 cm

PS - I saw this on my way to work one day. I see all kinds of things all the time. Some are weird, and some so very normal one hardly sees them...