Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bullfrog Brown shopping bag

There are not many things more satisfying than bringing your milk and potatoes home from the store in a bag that has the logo of your favorite blues band on it - I know - for I have tried it now. And you can be sure that the weight you carry is much lighter... And the potatoes a lot sweeter :D
Actually, when I came up with this bag idea, it was intended more like a gear bag for the band members... But when I got it, I liked it too much myself - therefore the potatoes.

This particular bag is made in India to be honest. Machine embroidery is made in Estonia - by my friend who has this embroidery-business going on. We are thinking about developing the product though... Maybe there is the way to get it all done locally as well. At the moment this was the quickest possible solution. The design is by yours truly of course. So I guess you can say the bag is two 2/3 Estonian.

Bullfrog Brown'i poekott

Algselt küll plaanitud rohkem kola-kotiks bändiliikmetele, kuid sobib suurepäraselt ka poest toiduainete kojutarimiseks - nagu ma juba olen tõestanud.

Kott ise on küll tehtud Indias, kuid tikand on puha Eesti kohalik toodang. Samuti kujundus... Ehk siis 2/3 eestlast on selles kotis küll ;-)