Monday, January 4, 2010

happy new year!

As it did in fact came with the big bang so that my home computer crashed :). These things happen when you live in the old house but still want to use all this modern technology... Such as an electric stove, electric water heater... kettle to boil water... and also an electric radiator... :P

But enough about that. What I want to show for the first thing this year are coupple of necklaces I made already last year - I was quite busy at the end of the year - so I never got around to post them here:

I started to like this circle image so much - so I repeated it. I quess you could say - these two are related :-).


Uus aasta tuli suure pauguga ja mu kodu-arvuti kõrbemisega. Eks sellised asjad ikka juhtuvad, kui vanas majas moodsa aja tehnkaimesid kasutatakse nii kergekäeliselt - ja mis peamine - kõiki korraga ikka :).

Aga eestikeelne ehteblogi on mul ka täiesti eraldi kujul olemas - mistõttu, ma viitan. Ehtehuvilistel on seal kindlasti lõbusam ;-)