Monday, February 15, 2010

Bullfrog Brown T-shirt

Finally the Bullfrog Brown T-shirts are here and hopefully our web-store will open soon. I plan to broaden the colour selection in the near future, too. For example, I'm getting a red T for myself ;-) With this technology, it is easy to add customized touches according to the customer's wishes - like putting an extra frog logo on the back or sleeve.

Also there is this black shopping bag available, and the same in white. If you can't wait for the store to open, just e-mail me your order!

Lõpuks ometi on võimalik tellida omale Bullfrog Brown'i logoga T-särke :). Esialgu küll otse minuga meilitsi suheldes, kuid peagi avame ka oma väikse netipoe.