Saturday, March 27, 2010

a card for weddings


It is a bit different from the ordinary greeting cards perhaps, but on the other hand - it is similar to my very own ink drawings style. I flatter myself with the thought that the happy couple who gets (or got already - I don't even know that sure) this piece - can frame it on their wall - if they want to :).

The card was a request. Sometimes I truly love my job. Especially when it is new and different each day :D. And dear people - please do ask me to draw cards for you in the future - I really did enjoy doing this one!


Üks natukene teistmoodi õnnitluskaart pulmadeks. Spets-tellimus loomulikult. Igaljuhul peab mainima, et mulle meeldib mu "amet" - kuna iga päev on töö... noh... uus ja põnev :). Seda kaarti oli rõõm teha. Ja palju õnne noorpaarile!