Sunday, May 23, 2010


I have always been a bit skeptical about my logo designing skills. I feel logo is a very important thing - so it has to be perfect. The ideal version would be that it is perfect both - for the buyer and for the creator. The buyer of course comes first... And they never told us that at the art school... :D

Anyway here are the results of my good Logo Spring - as it seems that in the few months I have had to design logos more than in a past few years...

For the first here is a logo for a Finnish blues festival - Kaavi Blues. Looks like they have been active for some time now - and managed without an official logo. That is until today :).

And there is one more logo with the guitar shape now in the world...

Next logo belongs to the non profit organization who's goal is to strew the seeds of happiness all over the world. They organize lots of events for children and young people :).

Õnnemaa MTÜ's website.

This one is actually the result of the Twitter era rising - for this square logo is specially designed to be twitter thumbnail - and it represents The Estonian Folklore Archives. (It works in facebook too)

And here is the colorful logo of the Children's song festival:

Next - the Pärnu Bluesclub. It is a boat as you can see ;-).

And finally - Our very own young company's logo. And this one is quickie :P. The website isn't ready yet...