Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the dilemma is solved

a girl barefoot
acrylic on board

My dilemma between oils and acrylics is solved - thanks to greater powers now. Looks like they both are out of the question from now on... So I guess I don't have to worry about choosing either one anymore. Though truthfully - I don't get the acrylics anyway. I seriously admire those who paint with them even more now than I did before! I hope things will improve for me though - so that one day I can paint again. So far... there is still ink pen I guess.

Maybe it is supposed to be like this in life - sometimes one just has to do something else...? Maybe it is time to promote our products more now instead of creating and creating in secret... So please do check out our brand new Roots Art OÜ Facebook Page :)

Thank you!