Thursday, November 25, 2010


New CD "Roundabout" available now @!

The design is once more two-color, but this time we tried this new cardboard envelope for it seems our usual plastic case is not available in Estonia any more... Sad but true. Whenever you discover something good - they usually issue a new model or something like that.

I must say I don't always want to try new things. I often prefer things I know will work. At this point, though, I have to admit it has been interesting working on this type of case :-D

And I think the end result is quite nice :)

The CD features Eric Gebhardt (USA), Bottleneck John (SWE), Dave Arcari (UK), Black River Bluesman (FIN), Jantso Jokelin (FIN), Kalle Kindel, Uku PĆ¼ttsepp, Ahti Bachblum, Raul Terep, Hanno Maadra & Bad Mood Hudson (FIN) .

It is very international :D