Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ink drawings @ Rakvere Art Café

Sometimes good things just seem to happen. For example - this year I'm going to have 3 exhibitions - and I didn't really do much anything to make them happen myself. People actually have started to ask me to come and hang my pictures to their galleries. And I most certainly do appreciate the invites!

The very first 2011 year exhibition is visible now at Rakvere Art Café - and it is going to stay open until May 20th. Here are some pictures I took, but I'm not showing you all there is now - something must be yet to discover when you go and see it yourself ;-)


Minu sellele aastale planeeritud kolmest näitusest esimine on nüüd avatud - Rakveres Art Cafés. Seda saab vaadata kuni 20. maini.