Wednesday, May 4, 2011

tiny crochet brooches vol 2

Since the one post where I showed my tiny crochet brooches seems to be quite popular -- I thought I show what more I have made so far with my old crochet needle.

All the brooches in this post are also quite small - about 5x5 cm. The yellow one is even smaller (4,5x4,5cm). All the glass bead mixes are actually from leftover tray. Yes - I did sort the beads out by color one day, and I found my home made mixes very inspirational. The brooches practically made themselves after looking at the beautiful beads all sorted and neat :)... Some of us of course have to be deeply inspired before they feel like cleaning and sorting out their desk, but I tell you - it pays off (Or did I just tell it to myself now?).

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