Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ink Drawings Exhibition "Story" @ Estonian Literary Museum

So what is it then - a stairway or a gallery?? When it comes to showing off with my art I really can't say no to nice people who invite me to hang my artwork onto their walls. Especially when the invitation comes with proposal to have the opening as a part of The night of the Museum event. 

This tiny exhibition is mostly about life - as seen on the streets of my home town Tartu. I show scenes that have some way intriqued me enough to be memorized and put down in ink lines... Yes it is not a movie - but it is sort of a story telling - thus the title. 

Here and there I added few still life drawings, and indoor moments too. Honestly - 2011 was quite good year for me! I drew about 60 pictures, and I could not resist showing my newest artwork :-)