Friday, February 1, 2013


Just a little sign of life here.

I haven't had much time (or whatever) to dedicate to this blog recently - yet I don't plan to abandon it. I am pretty sure that this will in fact be one of my most informative sites. I plan to set up a little online shop here for my framed original ink drawings. All ideas, sugestions, and comments in that department are very welcome btw! Yes - the work is currently in progress, but still... I have started closing down all the other sites I have used so far - I feel I need some sorting to do... And then maybe one day - I have it perfect!

Ink drawing prints shop is still @ Etsy...

And also - do not forget to visit and like my facebook page! Art is for viewing - and I am happy to share my work, and recieve feedback in the form of likes and such. Yes - it is good to know that what I do matters a bit ;-). And no - I am not always sure it does myself...

The hardest bit in my do-do-list at the moment is my official website update -brr!